Chocolate Robin is a range of original jewelry created from predominantly antique and vintage components.

Lost things are found.

Forgotten treasures are undusted.

Crumbs and twigs are collected.


The assorted fragments are then tinkered together into distinctive pieces that are delicate yet contemporary.

As many vintage and antique parts as possible are used in each piece of jewelry . Vintage now means anything made before the 1990s.  Anything 100 years or older is antique.

Pre-owned pieces are prized for repurposing, but you will see the phrase “new old stock” many times in Chocolate Robin jewelry descriptions. This means the components are “old” in terms of their era of manufacture, but are “new” in that they have never been used or circulated before – typically they have been found stored in old warehouses, forgotten or abandoned as remnants of another era.IMG_2888

Metals are varied and mixed. Sparkles are sourced from around the globe and range from semi-precious (and occasionally precious) gems, to hand-crafted Japanese cotton pearls, to European cut glass and lucite. Where suitable old components cannot be sourced, newly made sparkles and findings are included.